our eggs

We work closely with one main farm to supply our chicken eggs based on the lush grass near the banks of the River Seven. Come rain or shine the chickens have 15 acres of lush Cotswold grass fields to roam.
The chickens are fed on the farms quality own grown wheat, helping the great taste of the eggs. The free range duck eggs coming from a farm a couple of miles from our base in Sibford and the Greenham quail eggs are from East Sussex.

Extra large Chicken, organic Chicken, Duck and Quail eggs are available. Our eggs are normally available for purchase within three days of being laid and should be used within 28 days.
All our farmers share our values and high quality standards across their whole business from: the chickens health and welfare, egg quality and freshness, up to date processes and regulations and reliable service.
The farms operate to very high standards of hygiene and welfare, and the hens are subject to a strict salmonella monitoring and vaccination programme.

Our Free range hens are RSPCA Freedom Food accredited, which means there are regular inspections to ensure the hens are all kept to strict RSPCA welfare standards (RSPCA Freedom Food).

The organic eggs also have regular certifications checks to ensure their high organic standards are met. With the hens being fed on farm grown maize it not only means great tasting eggs but also minimal road miles so better for the environment.