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At Cotswold Eggs we deliver the highest quality eggs, at the best prices, to our consumer and trade customers. We’ve been sourcing and distributing eggs from select independent farmers, located in and around the Cotswolds for almost half a century.

This gives us the flexibility to respond rapidly to market demand without compromising our values with farmers that meet our quality standards. For the chickens health, welfare and freshness of the eggs, we adhere strict guidelines and up to date processes and regulations.
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Established in 1972, Cotswold Eggs was setup by the Plank family in a little village in the heart of the Cotswolds.

The premise was simple; deliver the best quality eggs procured and selected from local Cotswold farms and deliver to local people and businesses.

In 2019 Cotswold Eggs was acquired by another family, the Woolhouse family, who today bring the same passion and values that have been fundamental to the success of the brand to date.
The brand is nearly 50 years old and continues to be run by myself and my family. We value ourselves in providing the best service as possible. We will go out of our way to deliver eggs to our customers even if it means they need a delivery on the weekend if they run out. I am always at the other end of the phone to help with any customers queries/needs.
- Imogen Woolhouse
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We supply our fresh, quality eggs to the Cotswolds and surrounding areas.
Want to get your hands on our quality eggs?

We supply our fresh quality eggs to the local stores in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas.

Get in touch to find out where your nearest stockist is.
We work directly with restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs and other catering clients where typically we supply our eggs unbranded on trays, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do what we can to meet your requirements.
Cotswold Eggs prides itself in that it remains a family-run brand with Imogen at heart of the business. Imogen runs things day to day whilst getting support from her husband and two children who help packing and delivering with me (during the school holidays).
The birds that produce our Cotswold eggs are well looked after and cared for on farms that are RSPCC registered.